Cookies policy

We may update this statement on an ongoing basis without notice. Therefore, we recommend that you read the text regularly.

The current version of the statement was issued on 6 May 2020.

We use various cookies and tracking technologies to enable visitors to fully browse our site and offer attractive content.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a short text file that a website you visit sends to your browser. It allows websites to remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language or other settings. This may make the next visit to our site easier and may be more beneficial for you than your first visit, e.g. you do not have to choose your preferred language again. Cookies are therefore important for them, without them browsing the web would be more difficult.

What cookies do we process?

A website visitor who has enabled the acceptance of cookies in his / her web browser thus accepts the method of handling cookies on a specific website. Cookies cannot scan your computer or other devices or read the data stored in them. Temporary cookies (so-called session cookies) are activated every time you visit the website and are automatically deleted when you finish browsing. Long term cookies remain stored on your computer or other device even after you have finished browsing the website.

For what purposes do we use cookies?

We use cookies for a number of purposes. We use them, for example, to store your SafeSearch preferences, select relevant ads, track site visitors, make it easier to sign up for our services, protect your data, or remember your settings.

In general, cookies can be divided according to purpose into 4 categories:





The necessary cookies allow you to use the website in general and use basic functions such as secure areas, shopping carts and online payments. These cookies do not collect any information about you that could be used for marketing purposes, nor do they remember your browsing history.

With the help of necessary cookies:

we identify you when you log in to the site

we ensure that you find the necessary service on our website even if we reorganize our website in some way, etc.

Without their use, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of our site.

Functional cookies – used to provide services or to remember settings in order to ensure maximum comfort when using the website.

With the help of functional cookies:

we remember what setting you chose, such as your preferred language

we remember if you have already given some consent or disagreement, e.g. confirmed the Cookies Policy (and we don’t have to bother you with this question a second time)

we can offer you support in the form of proactive chat sessions

we will pre-fill in your data in forms, etc.

Analytical cookies – collect information about how you use our website, e.g. which pages you visit, or if you have encountered any errors, such as in forms. These cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information – all data collected is anonymous and is used to know how much traffic we have, to analyze visitor behavior and to determine what content and information is of interest to our visitors.

With the help of analytical cookies:

we collect statistics on how you use our website

we can catch any errors and fix them to improve the page

We test various concepts of our website to improve your user experience, etc.

Any stored analytics information is anonymous and used solely for our own technical and marketing purposes.

Advertising cookies – allow you to display targeted advertising on our website based on tracking your behavior and searching the Internet, thanks to identification in your browser settings. These cookies do not identify a specific person, but the settings and preferences of an anonymous user of a particular computer. Advertising cookies are also used to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular advertisement. The data from these cookies are obtained directly by the operators of advertising systems and our party does not have access to them.

We may link you to social networks such as Facebook, and based on the details of your visit, you will then receive advertising from other websites that may be of interest to you.

we may provide your visit to third parties, who will then show you ads that may be of interest to you, etc.

How do you check the cookie settings?

You can control and / or delete cookies at your discretion – see details at You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and most browsers can use us